How Ensemble keeps your passwords secure

Many companies globally suffer password breaches around the clock, however, at Ensemble Education, we take great care in preventing this issue. That is why we chose "Argon2" – the Password Hashing Competition winner hashing algorithm - to keep your password safe.

During the creation of your account, we immediately perform a one-way mathematical operation to your password to transform it into a series of characters known as a "hash". A hash is secure by design because of the way it is created. If we were to ask to find the prime factors of 1073, it is significantly more difficult than multiplying 37 and 29. Hashing algorithms use this same logic to generate that number.

You might ask, what happens if two people use the same password? Wouldn't they get the same hash? Yes, they would. However, this is solved through another step in the process - "salting." A "salt" is a random length of characters created before hashing and is unique to each user. Your password and a unique salt get fed into the hashing algorithm to ensure that your hash will always be different from someone else’s hash. And, when you want to log in at a later date, we can perform the same "hash" operation and compare these two numbers.

Argon2 successfully prevents a rogue employee or hackers from stealing your real credentials. What’s more, your password is never once stored in a readable form throughout the whole process. So you can rest assured – your personal data is safe with us.